Suspiciously Spilling Secrets

"You have got to be kidding me," Derrick mumbled, looking over the paperwork the man had handed him. "Why are you moving to another safe house? Someone as boring as you shouldn’t be moving around this much."

"Haha," the other man snorted, shaking his head. "We both know that I have to move every so often, I had an interesting past myself."

"So you say," Derrick scribbled some things before handing him the paperwork. "There, that should do it."

"You not going to help in the moving."

"Not my job," he shrugged. "That’s yours now, remember."

"Never should have said I owe you a favor," the man sighed, looking at him. "But she’s a good kid."

Derrick frowned slightly, lighting a cigarette. “Is this going to be another story about getting me to visit.”

"She hero worships you, you could come more often then a birthday."

"I’m no hero," he chuckled. "She better learn that quickly."